Fluff & Fold Services

About Our Service

We offer fluff and fold services to customers who need help with their laundry, whether you’re a busy mom or a bustling business.  Bring us your dirty pile of laundry, we return it clean, fresh and folded.  It's that simple.    Loads less than 100 lbs. generally are ready in 24 hours.  Loads over 100 lbs may take longer depending on quantity of items, type of items and workload. In any case, we will notify you on your job status by your preferred method of contact.

Clean that mountain of laundry fast and easy!

Get Started!

  1. Use this form to arrange for drop-off or pickup of dirty laundry, or call

  2. Drop off your laundry at our North Virginia location or arrange for pickup for large loads.

  3. We clean, dry and fold the laundry.

  4. We notify you and arrange pickup or delivery.


Clothing and linens: $1.25 / lb.
Household items: $2.00 / lb.
Heavy blankets, rugs, comforters and down items: $3.00 / lb.

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We can pickup laundry for an added fee.
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When do your want to drop-off or have laundry picked up?