We've been busy making things better!

The Usual Hard Work Plus some Safety Improvements

In addition to the usual job of keeping changers and vending machines full, keeping all the washers and dryers in top working order, and keeping things clean, we've been adding security cameras and taking some other measures to make the premises safer for you.

But the Big News is...

We've also been busy preparing a new service, Fluff and Fold, rolling out at the Fernley and Grove Street laundromats.  We will wash, dry and fold your laundry for you!  Just drop it off at Fernley or Grove St and pick it up the next day.  Loads over 35 lbs qualify for home pickup and delivery and for the entire month of July, home service pickup and delivery is FREE!

So, come by to pick up your Five for Five Fluff and Fold Loyalty card to get started!  You get a $5 credit for every five punches on your card!