The Win! Win! Win! Challenge! -- Part II of our series




Save money, reduce your environmental impact and get a cleaner laundry!

It isn't often that spending less gets you something better.  There is usually a compromise, right?  Spend less on almost anything and you get... well, less, quite honestly.

We've got good news, that isn't always the case!  

In our last post, we took a deep dive into washing machines, detergents and how they work together to clean your laundry... or not!  Maybe you found some surprises in that last blog post, but the big takeaway was that with modern equipment and modern detergents there is most definitely a Goldilocks effect in dosing a washer with detergent -- too little and it doesn't get clean, too much and it doesn't get clean, just right and... CLEAN, really CLEAN!!!

...and here's the best part... hitting that Goldilocks sweet spot often means using less detergent than is indicated on your product dispenser!

Not only does that Goldilocks sweet spot get the job done right and save you money, it also minimizes your impact on the environment by not pouring too much detergent down the drain!  Win, Win, Win!

We've even launched an awareness campaign with a free prize to participants. We are giving away a free set of stainless steel measuring spoons to help you use just the right amount of detergent. Sign up here and you can pick up your prize at the Mr Bubbles Laundromat of your choice.

So, where is that sweet spot and how do we hit it? Even though the exact answer is pretty complicated and depends on many factors, this article distills the research we did to deliver the best results for using high-efficiency detergent  in our front-load  high-efficiency washers.  Getting it right even depends on the "hardness" of the water, which can change as a municipality changes its mix of surface and well water.  But who wants to carry around a water testing kit and do tests on machines to see where they produce optimal cleaning?  We do and we did that to make your job easier!


This is the simplified result of our tests for Liquid high efficiency detergents labeled HE or 2X.  We feature these first in this post because they deliver the best value to you by delivering the best cleaning for the least expense.  Stay tuned for other products like powders and pods in future posts.

All of our front-load machines are high-efficiency.  You might see a load size rating on the machine in pounds or as a number of loads. 

Generally, one load = 10 lbs. to 12 lbs.

Use 1 tablespoon of liquid detergent for every full single load

For example, you are using a 40 pound or 4 load washer and you've got it fully loaded (remember from our last post, that a full machine is 3/4 full of dry laundry).  That means you will use 4 tablespoons of liquid detergent.

Let's say you're using that same 40 lb washer and you've got about a half-full drum, that's about 3 loads in a 4 load washer.  You should reduce your detergent dose to 3 tablespoons.

Is the laundry extra dirty? You can add 1 teaspoon  per full load.

Is the laundry SUPER dirty? Pre-soak (see previous blog post), don't add more detergent, it won't help.  In fact, when you add too much detergent to an HE washer, it cleans LESS!

It's that easy!